Designed and Developed for Women by Women

GoNipless in any condition: our products are designed and developed for Women by Women. Our attention to detail and quality is exhibited in everything we do and are backed by our 100% money back commitment.

Why Choose GoNipless Brand Nipplecovers?

At GoNipless we design products for Women by Women!

If that's not enough here are some more specific reasons why you should choose GoNipless brand nipple covers.

  • Fits Sizes A-DD with a matte finish to eliminate reflection through light colored and shear clothing
  • Patent pending Ultra-Thin and No-Show tapered edges to provide coverage where you need it without the bulky and padded look
  • Our nipple covers are made from a proprietary Medical Grade non-sensitizing silicone material which will remain comfortable and durable for up to an 8 hour day, even for those with the most sensitive skin
  • Each nipple cover is Self Adhesive and Reusable for up to 30 uses
  • Each Pair comes in a secure magnetic box for travel and general storage when not being used so that they always maintain their perfect shape
  • We've designed our nipple covers to fit and look great under strapless and backless sheer dresses, t-shirts, sports bras, swimwear, and gowns.
Fashion nipple concealers: Perfect for strapless and backless outfits.